Sunday, 3 February 2013

That's Pinteresting... Egg Mask

Hello All!

This is a segment I like to call That's Pinteresting.. which is based on things I find on Pinterest that I try out! I have a major Pinterest addiction, I pin everything, all the time! I like to try out as much as I can, mostly I try out the recipes and makeup tutorials and every now and then the crafts! I am currently trying to teach myself how to knit from tutorials I found on Pinterest! That is a work in progress... stay tuned for my knitting wars post which will be coming soon!

I am in the process of growing out my hair, so I am trying every tip and trick I can find! Pinterest has been giving me lots of ideas and ways to help get my hair healthier and stronger so I can grow it out with less breakage. Things I have tried so far are: rinsing my hair out in cold water (mostly just my conditioner) BRRRRR this is tough but worth it, I find it helps me get the conditioner out of my hair! I have also started taking Biotin to help with the strength of my hair. I have also been using an oil on the ends of my hair everyday to seal the ends to prevent breakage. I now no longer use a hair brush on my hair unless it is completely dry, I have been using a wide tooth comb, which is helping me not tug at the knots in my hair, once again making my hair break less! I deep condition my hair once a week over my whole head and then use a regular conditioner on the ends everyday. Since I have started doing these things I have noticed a major difference in my hair, it's softer, stronger and just looks and feels better in general!

I've been noticing hair growth tips on pinterest for a long time now and one that keeps popping up is using raw eggs as a mask in your hair to help strengthen it and make it shinier. SO I finally tried the egg mask today!

Here's how I did it.. I cracked an egg open in my hands and ran it all through my hair, I clipped it up on top of my head and let it sit for 20 minutes. I then rinsed it out with my shampoo and followed that with a deep conditioner. Let me tell you, I am impressed with how it made my hair feel! After I did this my hair felt SO GOOD, it was shiny and feels soft and touchable. I will for sure be keeping up with this egg mask once a week to see if it improves the strength of my hair! I know the concept is weird and it felt strange putting raw eggs into my hair.... I was thinking about how I would rather be making a fried egg to eat, but once you get over the gloopy texture its not so bad! I was worried it would make my hair smell like eggs but it didn't at all! The smell of my shampoo and conditioner took away any egg smell! :)

I will post an update after a month to see if it has helped my hair grow! :)

That is my pinteresting experiment for today :)  

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Have a wonderful day :)


Jamie-Leigh <3


  1. So was I, but I just went for it! haha I will try anything to make my hairs grow! ha

  2. I am scared to try this too. Looking forward to hearing about the difference this makes over a month. PS - Your hair looks amazing in your recently pics by the way!