Monday, 25 February 2013

One of Those Days!

Hello Everyone!

Ever have on of those days where everything seems to be going wrong! Maybe you didn't get enough sleep last night, maybe you trip and landed on your face getting out of bed, maybe you were out of nutella this morning..... THE WORST! For whatever reason you are having one of those days, I feel for ya!

The majority of my "bad" days start off with me not having enough sleep, and that is only my own fault because I stay up to all hours of the night watching youtube videos of people doing their makeup and funny cats! You can't blame me though, once you find one awesome video on youtube its like a black hole that just sucks you in to more and more videos! I wish my job was just watching youtube videos, then I would get so much work done! Another reason I often don't get enough sleep at night is because I continuously drink coffee late at night. As if I could learn my lesson after one caffeine overdose and bouncing off the walls until 2am, I do this ALL THE TIME. I never learn. I just love coffee, I enjoy the way it tastes and it's winter and I just want to feel warm on the inside out!

Then there are those days when you crawl out of bed and everything seems to be honky dorey, then it happens.... you drop your toast on your pants... damn my clumsiness and damn peanut butter for always landing peanut butter side down! Then you have to go through the troubles of changing those pants... which usually leads to changing your shirt as well! Such a process, not a recipe for a wonderful day!

I could go on and on about things that could go wrong in the morning to make you start off having a bad day... traffic, over load of emails from work, rude people, etc etc... but then I like to remember that no matter what "bad" things are happening, it could always be worse! At least I have a bed and a computer to watch youtube videos on... at least I have a coffee machine and food, at least I have clothes to change in and out of! I guess what I am saying is, don't sweat the small stuff... and in the end, pretty much everything is small stuff! If you get mad or upset at something that happens, take a moment to really feel that emotion, then move on! No need to dwell on the things that don't matter!

If all else fails... looks at these pictures, and your day will go from grey to sparkly in seconds!

So don't be a grumpy pants...

Just smile :)

Disclaimer... I swear I am not a crazy cat lady!

Have a WONDERFUL day :)


Jamie-Leigh <3

Youtuber of the week! Shaaanxo

Hello All!

The winner this week for Youtuber of the week must go to Shaaanxo! Shaaanxo is a beauty guru on youtube and puts out some of my favourite beauty videos! She is from New Zealand and I just love her accent! I also find her to be relatable and just fun to watch! She also gives a lot of great suggestions on both high end products and drugstore brands, which is great if you are like me and are on a budget ;) I find my self on her channel for hours just watching her chit chat videos and makeup tutorials! She really makes you feel like you are right there with her, hanging out! Maybe it's the accent that I love or maybe she is just plain awesome! I think one thing I like about her is that she doesn't try to sensor herself and she doesn't try to act perfect, which I find many of the beauty gurus do on youtube.

Here are my favourite videos from Shaaanxo:

Her chit chat videos are my favourite!!

Her favourites videos give me so many great ideas!

She does such a good variety of tutorials as well!

Check out her channel here--> Shaaanxo and subscribe if you like what you see :)

She also has a vlog channel which I watch regularly. Her vlog channel consists of a lot of Q&A's and life updates, things like that!

You can find her vlog channel here -->Shaaanxovlogs :)

Have a wonderful day :)


Jamie-Leigh <3

Saturday, 23 February 2013

My Youtube Channel :)

Hello All!

For anyone interested in hearing what I have to say rather than reading it, I have recently started vlogging on youtube! I find I am much better at talking than writing, as in, I could talk all day long with no breaths and would be loving life! I will still be doing my blog posts as well of course, but I will be updating my vlog more frequently! :)

I would love for you to subscribe and let me know what you think of the videos! I am always open to suggestions, recommendations, and constructive criticism :) Of course, if there are any videos you would like me to make let me know and I will make them!

You can find my channel right here --> JLeighHearts!

Hope you enjoy watching my videos :)

Have a wonderful day!!


Jamie-Leigh <3

Monday, 18 February 2013

Books I read in January and February To Be Read (TBR)

Hello All!

As I said in my last post, I will now be doing reviews on the books I am reading! Starting off with Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl and How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You from The Oatmeal!

There are no spoilers in this review, however I may do a more in depth review of Beautiful Creatures later.. who knows!

Have a wonderful day!!


Jamie-Leigh <3

Sunday, 17 February 2013

My Complete Book List

Hello All!

So I have been just a little book crazy lately and have been buying so many it's been hard to keep track! My boyfriend and I organized all of our books today and I thought it would be a good time to make a lop of all the ones I have! Which will hopefully help when I go to buy more so I don't accidentally buy the same book, which would be something I would do!

I think I am going to start reviewing the books I read in video form! I do find it easier to talk than to write and I am sure I will have lots to say about my books :) Stay tuned for the review!

For anyone who is interested in seeing my book list.. not including the ones I have at my apartment that belong to Jeff.. here it is! 

PS: The bold titles are the ones that I have already read :)

.... I wonder how many people will make it through the whole list... haha

Have a wonderful evening!!


Jamie-Leigh <3

My Complete Book List

·      A Christmas carol
- Charles Dickens
·      The Island
 - Elin Hilderbrand
·      Twilight Saga – Stephanie Meyers: Twilight (2 copies) ; New Moon ; Eclipse ; Breaking Dawn 

·      The Hunger Games
 Series – Suzanne Collins: The Hunger Games ; Catching fire
; Mocking jay

·      The Caster Chronicles – Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl: Beautiful Creatures
; Beautiful Darkness
; Beautiful Chaos
; Beautiful Redemption

·      The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
- Douglas Adams
·      The Host
- Stephanie Meyers
·      Fifty Shades Series - E.L. James: Fifty Shades of Grey
; Fifty Shades Darker
; Fifty Shades Freed

·      Oh the Places You'll Go
- Dr. Suess
·      The Help
- Kathryn Stockett
·      Millennium Series - Stieg Larsson
: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo ; The Girl Who Played with Fire
; The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest
·      The Reader
- Bernhard Schlink &Carol Brown Janeway
·      Seriously … I'm kidding
- Ellen Degeneres
·      The Choice
- Nicholas Sparks
·      A Million Little Pieces
- James Frey
·      Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me
? – Mindy Kiling
·      The Notebook

- Nicholas Sparks
·      The Wedding

- Nicholas Sparks
·      The Kite Runner
- Khaled Hosseini
·      The Time Travellers Wife
- Audrey Niffenegger
·      Water for Elephants
- Sara Gruen
·      Memoirs of a Geisha
- Arthur Golden
·      A Bend in the Road

- Nicholas Sparks
·      The Rescue

- Nicholas Sparks
·      The Lucky One

- Nicholas Sparks
·      The Book of Awesome
- Neil Pasricha
·      Barney's Version
- Mordecai Richler
·      The Life and Death of Charlie St. Cloud
 - Ben Sherwood
·      The Fallen – Thomas E. Sniegoski: The fallen ; Leviathan 
; Aeries; Reckoning

·      Bossypants
- Tina Fey
·      Eat, Pray, Love – Elizabeth Gilbert

·      Dewey
- Vicki Myron & Bret Witter
·      Steve Jobs
- Walter Isaacson
·      I Am America and So Can You
 - Stephen Colbert
·      How to Live with a Neurotic Cat
- Stephen Baker
·      One on One
- Peter Mansbridge
·      How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You
- Matthew Inman
·      Follow your dreams wherever they lead you
- Blue Mountain Arts
·      How Full is Your Bucket
 - Tom Rath & Donald O. Clifton
·      The Wireless Room
- Shane Rhodes
·      Weird Ideas that Work
- Robert I. Sutton
·      The Lovely Bones – Alice Seabold
·      The Automatic Millionaire
- David Bach
·      One Good Friend Deserves Another
- Lisa Verge Higgins
·      The Secret Life of Bees
- Sue Monk Kidd
·      Pride and prejudice
 - Jane Austin
·      The Mermaid Chair
- Sue Monk Kidd
·      101 Uses for a Golden – Denver Bryan

·      The Secret Heiress
- Judith Gould
·      Confessions of a Shopaholic
- Sophie Kinsella
·      Marley and Me
- John Grogen
·      Bridget Jones's Diary
- Helen Fielding
·      Harry Potter Series
- J.K. Rowling : Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone ; Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets ; Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban ; Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire ; Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix ; Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince ; Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
·      The Da Vinci Code
- Dan Brown
·      Thin Rich Pretty
- Beth Harbison
·      The Nanny Diaries
- Emma McLaughlin
·      Nanny Returns

- Emma McLaughlin
·      The Lake of Dreams
- Kim Edwards
·      Memory Keepers Daughter
- Kim Edwards
·      The History of Love
- Nicole Krauss
·      Say You're One of Them
- Uwem Akpan
·      Bared to You
- Sylvia Day
·      Four Blondes
- Candace Bushnell
·      Me Talk Pretty One Day
 - David Sedaris
·      Secrets to Happiness
- Sarah Dunn
·      The Last Summer
- Ann Brashares
·      He's Just Not That Into You
- Greg Behrendt & Liz Tuccillo
·      Something Borrowed
- Emily Giffin
·      The Periodic Table
- Primo Levi
·      House of Sand and Fog
- Andre Dubus III
·      We Need to Talk About Kevin
- Lionel Shriver
·      A Heartbreaking Work of a Staggering Genius
- Dave Eggers
·      The Hobbit – J.R.R. Tolkien
·      L.A. Candy
- Lauren Conrad
·      Sugar and Spice
- Lauren Conrad
·      666 Park Avenue
- Gabriella Pierce
·      Girl Interrupted 
- Susanna Kayson
·      I Feel Bad About my Neck
- Nora Ephron
·      The Happiness Project
- Gretchen Rubin
·      The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood
- Rebecca Wells
·      The Icing on the Cupcake
- Jennifer Ross
·      The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society
- Mary Ann Shaffer & Annie Barrows
·      Push
- Sapphire
·      Confessions of Georgia Nicolson – Louise Rennison: Angus Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging
; On the Bright Side, I'm now the Girlfriend of a Sex God ; Knocked Out By My Nunga-Nungas

·      J'adore New York – Isabelle Lafleche


What's Cookin? - Better than Sex Cake

Hello All!

As you may know I am an avid baker and love to bake at any chance I get! This week I decided to go for one of my favourites, Better than Sex Cake. It is the most delicious!

Here's how I did it!

- 1 box Betty Crocker Devils Food Cake Mix (I cheated ;) )
- 1 & 1/4 cups milk
- 3 eggs
- 1/2 cup veggie oil
- 1 can sweetened condensed milk
- 1 tub whipped topping
- about 3/4 cup skor chipits
- about 1/2 cup caramel/butterscotch topping


- Mix together cake mix as instructed on the box!... Basically just throw the ingrediants together and mix it up!
- Pour batter into two cake pans
- Bake according to box
- Let cool for 5 minutes, than poke holes all over the cakes with the handle of a wooden spoon
- Pour the can of sweetened condensed milk evenly over each cake
- Pour some caramel sauce over each cake
- Let sit for about 10-15 minutes

- Mix cake up and Scoop out of cake pans and into another container for first layer (don't use all the cake up yet!) 
- Add a layer of whipped topping on top of the batter
- Pour some caramel on top and sprinkle some skor bits on top
- Add the rest of the cake on top of the whipped topping
- Add another layer of whipped topping
- Add more caramel sauce and more skor!
- I added some heart sprinkles on top for Valentines day :)
- now...... EAT UP :D

- Cover and store in the fridge :)

It's as simple as that! This cake is a big time crowd pleaser, it's super moist and very very rich!


Have a wonderful day!


Jamie-Leigh <3

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Goo Hoarding... Episode 1 - Lip Goo

Hello All!

First of all.... HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!! <3 <3 <3

I hope everyone had a fantastic valentines day and that you all got some love :)

I made a video this morning which I will post right after this! It's all about goo hoarding, first up, my lip products! I hate to say that I have more than whats in the video! So here is my lip product collection.... which I am hoping to expand!

Have a wonderful night :)


Jamie-Leigh <3

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Youtuber of the Week :)

Hello All!

This is a segment I like to call... Youtuber of the Week! Where I will be highlighting some of my favourite talents on youtube!

My first choice for youtuber of the week... is basically my all time favourite youtuber. She is the one and only Jenna Marbles! I LOVE LOVE LOVE her. She makes me laugh with her ridiculousness and her don't give a _bleep_ attitude, not to mention her adorable puppies Kermit and Marbles. I look forward to watching her videos every Wednesday! I will now post my favourite videos by Jenna Marbles <3  Warning - there will be f bombs dropped in these videos!

Lets start with the video that made her famous: How to avoid talking to people you don't want to talk to.

My next favourite is: What girls do on the internet

Next Up: Landshark

Next: I do my boyfriends makeup

Finally... my favourite!! : Drunk Makeup Tutorial

I had a hard time narrowing it down to even 5! I can watch her videos over and over again and they still make me laugh!!

Heres to you Jenna Marbles! <3 You old Landshark!

Have a wonderful day!


Jamie-Leigh <3

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Knitting Wars!

Hello All!

I decided to take up knitting because I needed a new hobby! I am a pretty restless person and always need to be moving! I figured with knitting your hands are always moving and I could multi-task while I did it! ... Of course by multi-tasking I mean watching TV.

I found a tutorial on how to knit on pinterest (obviously) and it looked easy enough! I went out and bought a few balls of yarn and some knitting needles! I got really confused at first trying to copy what the pictures and video was showing me. I am the kind of person who needs to be shown in person so I can copy the right way to do it! After about 10 tries and 10 big fails at getting the yarn casted on to my needle, I threw it all on the ground and decided to try again the next day!

My second day of knitting was much better! I only messed up a few times, but I finally got the stitches casted on to the needle! SUCCESS... well... success for one small part! Next I had to learn how to do the knit stitch, which is the basic stitch you use when knitting. Once again... mass confusion! The woman in the video made it look so easy and after watching it maybe 6 times I got the hang of it! Then I was on my way! Knitting up a storm... the slowest storm ever. I have watched my grandmother knit and she just zooms through it, I was going maybe a tenth of her speed. I started off with 13 stitches and by the time I finished... 4 days later, I had 16... whoops. I didn't bother to pay attention to counting.. but I will have to from now on.. I am a slacker!

This is basically how I felt during my learning experience until I got the hang of it!

I ended up making a winter head band, it came out okay, there is a big chance I will never ever wear it! Still, my first completed project! I taught myself with the help of the internet.. Thanks you internet <3 what ever would I do without you!

Here is my finished project!

Next knitting project will be a scarf! Keepin it simple for now! I think I will also try to teach myself how to crochet! I already bought the hooks!

Have a wonderful day!!


Jamie-Leigh <3

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Unboxing: January Glossybox

Hello All!

So a few weeks ago I subscribed to glossybox Canada. Glossybox is a company that send you samples of different products for around $20 a month! I thought I would try it out, because it's a good way to try out new things without having to spend all your money!

Here is a video of my January Glossybox! ... Can you find my That's What She Said Moment??

Products included in this months glossybox include:

- Wella Professionals Brilliance Leave in Mousse for Colour Treated Hair

- Two Faced Lip Injection Extreme Plumping Lip Gloss
-Burt's Bees Naturally Nourishing Milk & Honey Body Lotion

- Nivea Essential Lip Care
- Beauty So Clean Cosmetic Sanitizing Wipes (They are actually for cleaning your lipsticks, glosses and pencils! Whoops I didn't read the instructions very well for the video!)
- Curel Hand and Cuticle Therapy

If you are interested in subscribing to Glossybox visit their website!

Have a wonderful night!!


Jamie-Leigh <3

Books I Read in 2012! Hits and Misses!

Hello All!

I didn't read a huge amount of books in 2012, or 2011... 2010... anyways.. haha I started reading more in 2012 because I finally finished up with my post secondary education and I have a lot more free time to read for fun! I always had the hardest time reading books when I was in school because I would feel like I should have been reading my textbooks instead... which I also didn't read, but thats beside the point! I have since then developed a love for reading!

Here are the books I read in 2012 and My thoughts on them!:

The Hunger Games - Suzanne Collins

I will clump together the whole Hunger Game Series in this blurb!

I absolutely loved these books! To me it is one of those series that I couldn't put down. I got so attached to the characters that I just had to know what was going to happen next. It's a great length, I almost wish it was longer because I didn't want the series to end! I read one after another with no breaks. Of the three I would have to say the first book was my favourite, although I loved the other two. I would stay up until 3am just reading them! I would for sure recommend these books! They have drama, romance, suspense and such an interesting story line! LOVED LOVED LOVED!

Catching Fire - Suzanne Collins 

Mocking Jay - Suzanne Collins 

50 Shades of Grey - E. L. James

Okay... so I read this book because there was such a HUGE following. Everyone I knew and their mothers were reading this book/series. So I had to read it, because I am a bandwagoner and love to check out books that seem to catch everyones interest. I was excited to read the book. Unfortunately.. I was extremely disappointed. I found the story to be more disturbing than sexy, not to mention it was poorly written. I would have to force myself to keep reading when all I wanted to do was put it back on the bookshelf and walk away from it! What makes me the most concerned is how many people love this book.. it my opinion it is just giving young girls/women a bad idea of what a healthy relationship is. Not to judge people who do engage in these kinds of sexual activities, you know, whatever floats your boat, but I just don't agree with the way it is being promoted. Not my cup of tea! I did purchase the whole series.. maybe I will get around to reading the rest of the books someday.. but I wouldn't hold my breath!

Seriously I’m Kidding – Ellen Degeneres

First of all, who doesn't LOVE Ellen? I mean she is basically a goddess, love love her! I read this book in one day! I loved it SO much, I was laughing out loud so much that my boyfriend started making fun of me! Then he read the back of the book and was laughing out loud himself! I highly recommend this book to anyone who is having a bad day, anyone who likes to laugh, anyone who likes Ellen, and just anyone in general! This is a light read and well worth your time!

Bossypants – Tina Fey 

I am a big fan of Tina Fey, I think she is fantastic! She wrote this book to tell her story of how she got to where she is today and how sometimes you have to be a Bossypants to get there! I really enjoyed this book! I found her story really interesting  and to see how far she has come and how hard she has worked only makes me appreciate her more! I give this book a big thumbs up! It isn't as funny as I expected it to be but there were for sure parts that had me laughing out loud! Great read :)

Push (Precious) – Sapphire

I had heard about the movie Precious before but haven't had a chance to sit down and watch it. I cam across the book at value village and figured I would give it a go! The story is pretty sad, it's about a young girl who has been raped repeatedly by her father. She has two children by him and has been kicked out of public school. She starts to attend a special school to help her learn to read and write. She begins to write down her life story and the books goes through her progress. I liked this book, it wasn't my favourite, but I definitely liked it. This book is very graphic when describing the rapes and things like that, so it is a bit of a darker read. It is also written in the same way the character speaks, which makes it kind of hard to understand at times, because Precious is an uneducated girl. All in all it is a decent book.

Before I go to Sleep – S.J. Watson 

My boyfriends sister recommended this book to me, she had said it was one of her all time favourites and so I just had to get my hands on it! Let me tell you, I was NOT disappointed by this book! This book quickly became one of my new favourites! Before I Go to Sleep is written about a woman who had been in a terrible "accident"and suffers from severe memory loss. She has lost all of her short term memory. She wakes up everyday in a house she doesn't recognize, with a man she doesn't know. Everyday she has to re-learn who she is. She meets with a doctor who is trying to help her recover her memory. She begins to write in a journal everyday to try to piece together her life. As the story unravels she begins to find out many secrets. There are quite a few twists in this book! It is very captivating and gripping and I loved it! It is such a sad story but it is written so well! I highly recommend this book!!

So that's all I read in 2012! Not a big list but still! I will be updating what I am currently reading and doing book reviews when I am finished with my 2013 reads!

For now I will leave you with what I am currently reading! Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl! I am about half way through and I am HOOKED! There is a movie coming out to theatres based on this book and I wanted to read it before I saw the movie! It is a love story between a young boy and a young girl, who just happens to be a Caster.. which is basically a witch! She will be claimed by her 16th birthday to either the light side or the dark side... hmmm which will it be!?! I am really excited to finish this book! There is a whole series which a I will read one after the other...  Next up - Beautiful Darkness.. Beautiful Chaos.. Beautiful Redemption! :)

Have a wonderful day!!


Jamie-Leigh <3