Thursday, 7 February 2013

Knitting Wars!

Hello All!

I decided to take up knitting because I needed a new hobby! I am a pretty restless person and always need to be moving! I figured with knitting your hands are always moving and I could multi-task while I did it! ... Of course by multi-tasking I mean watching TV.

I found a tutorial on how to knit on pinterest (obviously) and it looked easy enough! I went out and bought a few balls of yarn and some knitting needles! I got really confused at first trying to copy what the pictures and video was showing me. I am the kind of person who needs to be shown in person so I can copy the right way to do it! After about 10 tries and 10 big fails at getting the yarn casted on to my needle, I threw it all on the ground and decided to try again the next day!

My second day of knitting was much better! I only messed up a few times, but I finally got the stitches casted on to the needle! SUCCESS... well... success for one small part! Next I had to learn how to do the knit stitch, which is the basic stitch you use when knitting. Once again... mass confusion! The woman in the video made it look so easy and after watching it maybe 6 times I got the hang of it! Then I was on my way! Knitting up a storm... the slowest storm ever. I have watched my grandmother knit and she just zooms through it, I was going maybe a tenth of her speed. I started off with 13 stitches and by the time I finished... 4 days later, I had 16... whoops. I didn't bother to pay attention to counting.. but I will have to from now on.. I am a slacker!

This is basically how I felt during my learning experience until I got the hang of it!

I ended up making a winter head band, it came out okay, there is a big chance I will never ever wear it! Still, my first completed project! I taught myself with the help of the internet.. Thanks you internet <3 what ever would I do without you!

Here is my finished project!

Next knitting project will be a scarf! Keepin it simple for now! I think I will also try to teach myself how to crochet! I already bought the hooks!

Have a wonderful day!!


Jamie-Leigh <3

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