Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Gangster Squad - Movie Date and Review!

Hello All!

For those of you who don't know me... I LOVE MOVIES. It was completely necessary for me to put that in all capital letters because that's how true it is! Here's the thing, I own around 400+ movies and I watch them every single day! Not all 400 of course... lets be real! However, I do watch at least one a day! I also LOVE going to the theatre to watch a movie, it's the experience, it makes me feel like I am in the movie with the characters cause they are BOOM right in  my face, I love it! Not to mention I love  snack packs... but that's a whole different love of mine. Going to the theatre these days is so expensive that it is a treat to actually go see a movie! I will only go if its a movie I am dying to see, or if I have a gift card! Which I happen to have a 25$ gift card right now!

Last week my boyfriend and I had a nice movie date and went to see the new release Gangster Squad. The movie stars Sean Penn, Ryan Gosling <3... Emma Stone <3 (Girl Crush!). Basically, the movie is about a secret crew of police officers who work together in an effort to take down the ruthless mob king Mickey Cohen (Sean Penn) who runs the city. I have to say.. this movie was worth every penny!! It is one of my new favourites! Sean Penn and Ryan Gosling were AMAZING! I loved the intensity and the characters, and I loved loved loved the way everyone dressed in this movie, such class. Warning there are some graphic scenes and bloody guts and lots of guns! My only complaint would be that Emma Stone wasn't in it enough! I would highly recommend this movie, and bonus it's not in 3D! ... 3D Movies make me feel sea sick :/

So if you happen to have about ... $100 (okay.. that's an exaggeration!) sitting around to go see a movie, this would be a good one to choose :)

Enjoy! :)

Have a wonderful day!


Jamie-Leigh <3

Morning Chuckles!

Good Morning All!

If there is one thing I like to start my day off with, besides a massive amount of coffee, is a good laugh! Here are a few gems I stumbled on this morning :)

Hope these put a smile on your face and some extra pep in your step! 

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!



Tuesday, 29 January 2013

January Favourites!

Hello All!

I have posted a video of my talking about all of my most favourite things from January... and to be honest from much longer than January! So feel free to watch the video and see what I have been loving and using lately :) I am going to write a list below of what I have talked about if you would like to try any of the products yourself! Or if you don't feel like listening to me yammer on in bad lighting! :)

My January Favourites:

Hair Products:

Ojon Volumizing Shampoo - Sephora
Paul Mitchell Keratin Intensive Treatment - Any Salon that sells Paul Mitchell :)
Uniq 1 10 in 1 product - I got this from my salon in Bridgewater!

Body Products:

Luminous Touch with Diamond Dust - Shower Gel and Fragrance Spray - Victoria Secret

Skin Products:

Biotin 1000 mcg - Lawtons Drugstore
Vichy Aqualia Antiox - Shopper Drugmart


Essie Smooth Trick Cuticle softener - Lawtons Drugstore
Essie - Watermelon - Lawtons Drugstore
Sinful - Lets Talk - Lawtons Drugstore

Make up:

Revlon Super Lustrous in Rose and Shine - Lawtons Drugstore
Big Smooch in Pink and Plump - Victoria Secret
Baby Lips - Lawtons Drugstore
Revlon Photoready Eye Primer and Brightener - Lawtons Drugstore
Covergirl Outlast 3 in 1 Foundation - Lawtons Drugstore
NYX blush in Pinched - Lawtons Drugstore
Maybelline The Colossal Volume Express Cat Eyes -  Lawtons Drugstore
L'oreal Telescopic Eyeliner -  Lawtons Drugstore


Colonial Candle in Strawberry Rhubarb -  Lawtons Drugstore


Tina Fye - Bossypants - Chapters
S.J. Watson - Before I go to Sleep - Chapters


Stella & Dot - renegade cluster bracelet
Stella & Dot - Bryant Park Scarf - Tan

So those are all my favourite things from January! :) Let me know some of your favourites so I can try them out too!

Have a Wonderful evening :)



No Day But Today?

Hello All!

I started this blog a while ago, and by started I mean I picked a name and left it for months... and months! (Whoops!!) But no more excuses! I am finally going to start using my blog page :) Basically this blog will be about.. as the title says, All Things Wonderful! These would be things that I find wonderful of course... If I did a blog about what everyone thought was wonderful I wouldn't have time to do any of my work! Ain't nobody got time for that!! I will blog about books I am reading, movies I am loving, beauty products that are rocking my world, etc etc etc, basically anything that puts a smile on my face :) (<---- Like this) SO that is what All Things Wonderful is all about!

Now for a little bit about myself! My name is Jamie-Leigh, I am 24 years old, graduate of Mount Allison University with a BSc in Psychology, and a graduate of Mohawk College with a diploma in Recreation and Leisure Services! I am currently working at Nova Scotia Community College as the Student Life Assistant for the Southwest region and I am also an Independent Stylist for Stella & Dot Jewellery! I LOVE puppies, I LOVE sweets and treats, and I LOVE Life :).. and of course.. long walks on the beach.. but I digress..

I hope anyone who actually reads this blog will enjoy it :) I was not an English major and there WILL be spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes, if you find them please let me know and I will fix them! It can be like a little game for you! so Have Fun! :)

My first post will be my Monthly Favourites for January! I will be posting it sometime tonight!

Until next time... Have a WONDERFUL day :)
Oh.. here I am! :D-->