Thursday, 7 March 2013

Youtuber of the week - Bookables!

Hello All!

My choice for youtuber of the week is going to a Booktuber this week! I have been really digging Bookables for a few months now. She gives great reviews and suggestions and I just find her relatable and easy to watch! I have trouble watching many of the booktubers because I find so many of them to mumble and rush and I just cant seem to relate to them. That is for sure not the case with Bookables, I feel like she is just one of my friends as I am watching her videos! I also trust her opinions and buy pretty much every book she talks about! She reads and reviews mainly YA books, which of course if my preference for reading!

Here are a few of my favourite videos from Bookables:

Most Anticipated YA Books of 2013 - This one is giving me so many good ideas!

Best Books of 2012!

I love her Wrap up and TBR videos!

She also does book reviews, hauls, tag videos, and more :)

If you like what you see and are interested in reading, please subscribe to her channel: Bookables

I also follow her on goodreads :) :Bookables Goodreads

If you are interested in YA books you can also always check out my channel as well, I review mainly YA books and some fiction! JLeighHearts :)

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